Thursday, 11 July 2013

South Dakota to Sturgis

We left Fort Collins and headed to Douglas, camping all the way and then onto South Dakota, the badlands and three nights in Custer which ended up being stunning for riding, far quieter than the Rocky mountains area and fantastic roads. The roads around Custer State park are amazing, the only complaint was that there are supposedly 1500 wild buffalo on the section they call the "wildlife loop" well they hid from us, all we saw were a handful of Donkeys!! A pit stop at the Elk Haven Cafe / shop and campsite was great, the owners were nice people and treated us to a free sandwich (an excellent sloppy joe which is like a giant mince sandwich)...thanks guys, much appreciated.
We shared the campsite at Custer for the three nights with loads of rabbits and Kim & Cathy from Texas, great to meet you guys!
A visit to 4 mile town was interesting, an old western town re created on the site of an old western town if that makes sense. Today a ride to Sturgis, 9 days camping in the heat was getting to me so we decided to stop in  a hotel here for the night to cool down, glad that we did, this town is of course famous for the annual Sturgis event which attracts 1/2 Million motorcyclists from all over the world. The museum was interesting, loads of old Indians and then we stopped at Gypsie vintage cycle which is the same shop that the founder of Sturgis used to own, the current owner Coe Meyer now runs it as a shop selling restored classic bikes and is carrying on the tradition of being part of the Sturgis scene, we got invited through the back room for some unexpected hospitality, a few guys and neighbour Shelly arrived and we had a great afternoon! Thanks guys. Now we are heading for the Norton meeting at Buffalo which starts on Monday, so plenty motorcycle content ahead!
Aye Mad right enough

The town of Lusk

Where this takes place, basically the story of a young guy who shot and Indian Squaw for no reason, the Indians then demanded the settlers to turn him over or they would all die, they turned him over and he was skinned alive, not sure I'd like to be the guy who has to go through that every year!!

So true.......

No I didn't go in!

Fi couldn't resist this though

My almost namesake Dino

The most excellent Elk Haven, well worth a stop if you are in the area

Mount Rushmore

And close up

Work in progress, the even bigger carving of Crazy horse just down the road. (He was one of the main players in the defeat of Custer at Custers last stand, later shot dead whilst under a white flag of truce hence a very big hero in Indian folklore) 

Our neighbours

Catching the last rays of sun!

Interesting concept?

The bar complete with bar girl

Not so long ago all people lived like this

Fi Back at school

Cool place

Bikes loaded again ready to roll

Sturgis Motorcycle museum
 I Want one....please!!

Especially for George Martin, get your A10 in this trim!!

 Hanging out with Coe (2nd Left) and the guys in his most excellent man cave!!


  1. I'm sure that's Jim Morrison 2nd from the left on Mt. Rushmore. If you wondered where all the bison were, we just got back from seeing them grazing in a field by the A5 in North Wales, where the temperature was 90 degrees or so, and too hot for riding really. Keep up the good work.. ;-)

    1. Hi Jake
      You wouldn't like it here then its hovering around the 100 mark and above every day!! Ah well we hopefully will catch some sometime! Hope all is well in sunny Perth

  2. Yup,
    (above is extent of my Americana)...Take it yir jokin'aboot the Vincent,wid it be that or the Commando on Pole on the trailer?
    Stertit modifyin' the A10,yiv still goat great taste (not)..
    Jist back frae Applecross,send you a photie sometime,its Braw.
    Numbers o' Commandos well doon..Yir fleet will be reekin' o' mothballs when ye get hame..
    Judy sends her regards..and the Slate fur ye tae settle up..says nae rush the morra' will dae.
    Great company as usual,weather fab,even withoot ye..
    Thanks fur phone call...could only hear every tenth word...whit a bonus...By the way,nae Mankinis et Norton Applecross.


    1. Aye Geordie
      It wis the Vinnie I fancied, sorry! Gled the meet wis guid, sorry tae hae missed it, never mind I'll get the whip oot when I'm back and get aw the bikes oot o mothballs.
      Headin tae the Norton rally the day, I'll report on ony mankini's i see
      Gino & Fiona