Friday, 2 August 2013

Lake Williams to Prince Rupert

We left Lake Williams and stopped at Vanderhoff just past Prince George (now a topical place hoping to cash in due to the naming convention of the British Monarchy!) We eat at the local pub and I had the best Thai Green Curry since the last time I was in Applecross, a real surprise and a pleasant change from the Burgers usually on offer. We stopped in a Motel as the temperatures were around 38 Degrees Centigrade and we had to escape from the heat!
The following day we rode on Highway 16 to a campsite at Telkwa (Fort Telkwa) just before Smithers, Really nice campsite in a stunning location and the best toilets and showers of any campsite I've stayed at so we decided to stay two days. The campsite was busy (and we met some really nice people there) and getting busier as it is the town of Smithers centenary celebration this weekend so we reluctantly left there to head to Terrace which we found was also having a busy weekend to celebrate British Columbia day this weekend so we could only get one nights camping there so today we headed to Prince Rupert a day earlier than planned. We get the ferry to Haines from here on Tuesday so we have 4 days to explore this town which is round the size of Crieff (for the Perthshire followers) so a pretty relaxed few days ahead. The roads here are excellent, the last 700 miles has been like riding in Scotland and today we even got some mist and cold to make us feel at home. Other notable incidents this week have been me getting hit just below the eye with a wasp just as I opened my visor and then as the wasp recovered it decided to sting me as well! That and both of us being attacked by mosquitos this week have led to us starting the British Columbia league for the eradication of insects!
Oh and we met fellow British Travellers Pete & Rob on their 800 BMW's heading for Prudho Bay (nice to chat guys) and Pierre an almost local from the Interior (Bonjour Mon Ami)
Canada and BC are proving to be incredible for motorcycling, Petrol and Whisky is 30% more than in the US so that parts painful but some wonderful roads to enjoy!
We were there....Prince George

Breakfast at KFC, not a good start to the diet!

Just like the A9 they laid on roadworks to make us feel at home

Campsite at Fort Telkwa

Preparing dinner

Our tent looks a bit silly next to the RV's

This is when camping is the best! BUT it's also when the mozzies attack!

The trains here are incredible, I measured one at over a mile long!

Outside the campsite some commotion, a car load of kids got pulled and at least one got arrested for drug posession, I was hiding behind the fence watching the goings on, better than TV, glad they never noticed me taking the photo!

Another day another Gas station

Back to glaciers again

Canpsite in Terrace, Mozzies the size of small birds!

Highland mist.....

Another stunning motorcycle road


  1. Hi Gino and Fiona,
    See you guys making progress again, the canadian side of the border certainly looks a lot less busy and you comments on the mozzies on some of the campsites reminds me of the massive midgies I found out on Ardnamurchan point, many many moons ago. Some of you're beemer woes really point towards a good aircooled engined bike for an adventure of this sort. Love following your updates....and look forward to seeing you in the Faircity MCC FB group that Dave Moore has cranked up. Posted some pics of you tonight from way back in the day, and found a couple of your silver TZ350(51) at Knockhill. Still to get those posted but WIP. More soon.. Bisk

    1. Hi Bisk
      The roads are great but the weather has gone off a bit, just like Scotland now. Thanks for the comments, not on FB but I can see I may have to join

  2. Well it looks like you two are enjoying the great adventure. We hope all is well. Gino I am assuming the you got the bike issues squared away and it is working properly.

    Take Care
    Brad & Anita, Denver.

    1. Hi Brad & Anita
      Going well, stuck in Anchorage waiting for a fan for my bike, a right PITA but hopefully all will be well after that, life on the road it's what we've come to expect
      Gino & Fiona

  3. Great read, I am surprised you chose the 650 BMW as everyone seems to think the only one to use is the big 1200GS, as someone who would find the bigger one a bit too big its good to read you can tour anywhere on a smaller capacity bike.


    1. Hi Jason
      The 650 is fine, a little underpowered on the Freeways but still capable, in Latin America it was perfect for the job.
      At the end of the day you can tour on anything