Saturday, 10 August 2013

To Anchorage

Kevin, Neville and Dave said their goodbyes and headed off before us, we were a little later on the road, roadworks everywhere and some gravel sections although unlike the South we could still hold 60mph through the gravel sections. We stopped at Tok for fuel and for food and guess what we bumped into the lads again, they had some business to attend to so we caught up. We managed to blag a free lunch courtesy of the Denali State bank who were having a community day. First time I've got anything free from any bank, well done Denali State Bank! Another goodbye, the guys headed for Fairbanks whilst we headed to stay the night at Glenallan, we arrived as the rain got heavy and luckily got an excellent B&B in "town" No beer at the restaurant and if I'm right a dry town so a sober night. Today was dark and overcast, we quickly ran into cold wet conditions, what should have been a scenic ride turned into a wet one but I really enjoyed it, just like home! We stopped at Palmer for fuel for the bikes and ourselves before reaching Anchorage.
Now the trip, Argentina to Alaska and beyond always had Anchorage as the turn around point so this is a major milestone for us, so far 22000 miles (35000KM's) plenty more adventures I'm sure in the "beyond" section.
We got to the BMW shop I'd E mailed a couple of weeks ago and the guys had everything I'd ordered, great to deal with a shop that delivers, cheers guys. Hopefully over the next couple of days I can get the bikes serviced and back to tip top shape then its "beyond" !!
We meet with los amigos again!!

Hail the Denali State bank, can you see RBS doing this?

Muchos Roadworks

Appropriate, Antler Rally hat at the most excellent Antlers Rest B&B

Kevin Doyle Creek!!

Anchorage, and a well deserved cup of tea all the way from East Lothian

It's one of these "I was there" photos 

Really cool ER6 flattrack bike



  1. Well done, impressive trip and plenty yet to do. Plenty miles yet to do. Have a good trip. Bob & Kate

    1. Cheers guy's, as always the trip is dictated by crap BMW's , now my fan has packed in so have to wait & see how long we're stuck here for

  2. Hi , great picture of your tea break , just need a toasted sandwich ? . Gavin

  3. Toastie would have gone down well Gavin. Looking forward to one when we get home!
    Gino & Fiona

  4. Well done Fi & Gino. A long way to go.... to turn around :-) and come back... 22,000 miles!! christ my R6 only has half of that!! and I've had it 10 times as long as the Bee Emm's. Sorry to hear they are givin you grief again, but hey its all downhill from Alaska, is it not??? well maybe not....anyway keep up the great photo's and stories. Cheers, all the best Malky.

  5. Hi Malky
    Good to hear from you, bikes are serviced again but now my fan's packed in so stuck in Anchorage for a couple of days yet. Then downhill back to the sun hopefully. Last leg coming up sadly but Fi is desperate to get back to work ha ha.
    Gino & Fiona