Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wendover to Idaho Falls

We left Wendover, the town that sits next to Bonneville salt flats, its a town with a State boundary running through it, so the Utah side (where we stayed) is a sober kind of place and then the West side which sits in Nevada is where all the Casino's are, quite strange for us country folk. We stopped to see the Ice cave near Shoshone, a lava tube created the cave which because of the air currents has a 30 foot deep ice floor. Then on to the Craters of the Moon national park which once again is a volcanic field, the whole arae sits around the Continental divide and in the past was a hotbed of volcanic activity (no pun intended). We stayed in Twin falls which was famous for being the site of American stunt rider Evel Knievil failed attempt to jump the snake river canjon in 1974. Then onto Idaho Falls to celebrate my birthday, nice little town but no idea how they can support so many hotels!
Twin falls, nice old buildings

And nice old cars

Cool advertising

allegedly the canyon where Evel came to grieff

Snake River

St Andrews cross especially for us

Big Indian

Ice cave

Ice cave Dinosaur!!

The aftermath of volcanic activity 150 million years ago

Amazing lava formations

More lava.........

Wierd hill of volcanic rock

The hills are alive with the sound of .....not much

Us at the top of the hill

Idaho falls

Idaho Falls fish!

Oh dear, just like home!


  1. Just letting you know I sold my Bandit on Sunday - made a profit too :-)
    Just over a week left to work and then a few weeks 'Staycation' before heading back home Aug 1st.
    Keep on bloggin' Gino.

    1. Thats good news Pete, was it to the guy we met in the coffee shop? One less thing to worry about. Enjoy the Hols & say hi to Alex if you see him, he still hasn't replied to my E Mail!!

    We keep looking, reading and watching the blog, we are enjoying the trip. I know you've spent all the money that you were saving for one of these: http://peterwilliamsmotorcycles.com/ ;¬)
    Keep healthy and we wish you well.
    Regards, Kat and Bill.

    1. Hola Bill & Kat
      Thanks for the & for the good wishes, ye no dosh for fancy bikes now ha ha
      Take care