Friday, 7 June 2013

Grand Canyon to Cortez

After the last post we went back to the Grand Canyon in the evening to get some sunset photos so I'll bore you with them, we left the following day and headed to Navajo Monument for a rare thing in the USA, some free camping, it was a great site with good facilities, (no shower though so some pouring water over head from a bag had to do for a shower!, it'll be on the video!) We saw a fantastic Pueblian village from the 1300's (when it was abandoned) still surviving, a nice sunset just made the experience better. Today we headed through monument valley (the scene of many a cowboy movie) to Cortez where we are camping for the weekend. I was a little underwhelmed by monument valley, maybe seen to many stones and holes in the ground recently! A weekend doing nothing should refresh the mind!
Just before sunset

And again

Just for my Sister & Brother in Law, Moran point!

Famous again! (sorry its blurred)

Here you can see the Tuetonic plates clearly visible (Ok now i'm a geoligist)

Cameron trading post

Incredible village from the 1300's

Preserved by being at the base of this overhang


Sunset over the plain

Sunset over Fiona

Sunshine on Leith

Monument valley (I've got better footage on video)

Fi with some interesting rock formations, Ok I'm getting bored as well now!

So this is the famous Montezuma, not sure why he needed revenge!


  1. Great photos especially the one of moran point it was named after peter moran ,safe travels take care and will speak soon love from the famous Morans ha haxxxxxxxx

    1. Cheers Sis, aye looks like the Morans got about a bit, quite funny actually xxx

  2. Cracking pictures of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Would love to see that. Watched a holiday program years ago where they mountain biked down it and camped in the bottom and rode around for a few days before coming back out. On my wish list.
    Keep on getting your kicks on route 66.

    1. Hi Martin
      Yes its an impressive sight, I didn't see mountain bikes but I'm sure its possible, plenty hikers do that trip. Route 66 no more, interesting while it lasted but there are better roads, had a fantastic ride yesterday through the rockies!