Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Vegas to the Grand Canyon plus getting our kicks on Route 66

I was quite glad to leave Vegas to be honest, not my kind of place really but interesting I suppose. We headed to Kingman via a stop at the Hoover Dam, quite some feat of engineering but I thought the highway above it was worthy of note also. Kingman was a funny little place but friendly enough, nice campground where we fell in with a French Brother & Sister on a road trip, we had a good night but started on the Whisky far too early so we ended up eating our emergency rations we’d carried all the way from Argentina as we were in no fit state to cook!

The following day we rode part of route 66, this iconic American road trying to re invent itself, its not that easy to stay on the road as parts of it have been superseded by the Interstate that sounded its death knell in the first place. It is full of guys on Harleys from all over the world trying to live the dream, all thinking they are individuals and all exactly the same ! Matter of fact I’m now seeing it as quite entertaining watching these guys (& women) Each to his own and I respect that but its not my cup of tea, even less since I’ve witnessed it first hand now. Now I’m really wishing I was on my Norton!

Today we went to the Grand Canyon, a very impressive hole in the ground, don’t tell the environmentalists but it would be a great landfill site! Only joking of course, it is a spectacular sight and well worth the effort to see it. Tomorrow hopefully we head across the National Park through the Navahoe reservation towards monument valley. So the next few blogs will probably have loads of pictures of Rocks & Canyons which will make a change from Colonial churches!
Funny animals

Hoover dam Rear

Its big!

We later wen't over this bridge, very impressive!

Another State

Living the Dream??

Living the dream!!!!

Using pannier as a cool box, added a bag of ice, it leaked, no trying that again!!

Getting merry with our new French friends
Route 66 is full of stuff like this!

Route 66 cool!

Honest I was there!

Grand Canyon, Grand is the word!!

Honest , we were there!!

Bored with the 35mph speed limit so some photography on the move


  1. Hello, Fi & Gino. Fantastic photo's,superb,the one of Gino pointing at the route 66 sign is a classic, definitely one for the book!!!or flog to a bike mag. Ridin in Tee shirts...tut,tut... more so wi the camera upside doon ;-) mind you cant blame you,the weather looks soooo goooood! Thing's have brightened up over here now, in the 20's wi sunshine all this week, been clockin some miles on the Zed,although as much in a month as you guys do in day!!! Ride safe, enjoy. Malky.

    1. Hi Malky, Good to hear from you! Aye iconic photos although the reality is its all a bit of a anticlimax really. Weather is awesome though. 35 MPH speed limit on that 8 mile stretch meant we took a chance, got flashed by the cops for doing 50 but they never done us thankfully. 10/10 for noticing the dodgy camera work
      Gino & Fiona

  2. I know what you mean about the good old us of a, you need to head back to Baja

  3. Good to see y'all still bubblin along......impressive scenery....more soon