Thursday, 27 June 2013

Grand Teton Park, Yellowstone and to Saratoga

We headed to Jackson which is a really nice (expensive) town, the constant stream of visitors guarantee the Hotels and bars remain on the pricey side but it is a very well kept place and worth a visit, a couple of days in Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone (they are joined together). We ticked all the boxes, the min one of course being Old Faithfull the geyser in Yellowstone which erupts every 1hr 40 minutes (give or take 10 minutes) The parks are massive and very impressive, a tad worrying when you realise the whole area is a giant Volcano and the hundreds of geysers all over the place are merely letting the steam off a giant pressure cooker that will one day erupt.
The driving though is terrible, like the A9 on steriods and with more tourists with more things to suddely brake to look at.
Wednesday we started heading for the Rocky Mountain National Park near Denver and stopped at a cool little "cowboy" type town Saratoga. In the bar the locals were nice and very helpful so we now have even more things to go and see when we get back on the bikes!! As always the pictures tell a better story!
Some fantastic Biking roads

Overlooking Jackson Hole

The Grand Teton Mountains

Where we managed a bit of off road driving!

Buffalo Grazing on the Prairie, just like in the Cowboy films

This guy gets everywhere!!

Old Faithful simmering

Now angry

Could have done with a blue sky to show it up better!

Being watched by some Amish people

Damned cheek!!

Fancy a swim anyone?

Amazing to see

Hot bath??

Thar she blows again from a better angle (1hr 40 minutes later) 

Yellowstone, now we can see why?

Smoke on the Water?? With apologies to Deep Purple

Just before Yellowstone falls

And after...stunning

Nice old Fords on tour

Old Elk having a snooze

Preparing the dinner!!

Luckily no Bears came along for a feed!!

Saratoga, have you seen places like this in the movies?

Replace the cars with Horses and you get the picture, authentic Wild West

This scene reminded me of an old Album Cover

As did this!!


  1. Great photos Gino looks an amazing place

    Andy Fae the Gym

    1. Hi Andy
      Thanks, it is but the country is massive, long miles between parks, we have done 2 1/2 thousand miles in the last 2 weeks in the car. Back on the bikes & back on route Monday!!

  2. Hi Gino, the photos are amazing and Yellowstone must be an amazing place, just been having a catch up on all your posts I have missed with being away racing (did the Bob Mac last weekend on a 1000cc Norton outfit)and all looking good for you both apart from battery problems, keep the photos coming and looking forward to All Roads Lead to the Moon Episode 10. Speak soon Budge

    1. Hola Budge
      Now I;m jelous, 1000 cc Norton!!! Good stuff, after being at Bonneville salt flats I;ve had some scary thoughts.....maybe time to dust off the leathers ha ha

  3. Great photos and blog as usual ,loving the moran signs we seem to be everywhere,hope you're both fine,we're away on sat hopefully speak before we go,safe travels and take care Laura and co xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Sis, Aye they fairly got about!! Hopefully catch you today on Skype xx