Sunday, 2 June 2013

Plastic People and well done to the REAL people

So a day and night in Vegas, my idea of hell, I'm not a gambler as I'd rather spend my cash on important things like petrol and beer! Its just as I thought it would be, people being fleeced of all their cash while thinking they are having a good time. To me its quite sad to see the people at the slot machines and the gaming tables hoping the next spin of the wheel or next slot machine jackpot will be theirs while desperately blocking out the fact that they have to work hard to make that money and now they are squandering it away. That's just my opinion and I don't mean to be a party pooper but do you realise how rich the people who run and own this place have become on the back of false hopes? I had a flashback to some of the countries I've visited this trip and how the people there have had nothing yet here the people have so much money they are desperate to throw it away, crazy.
It is impressive though in a movie set over the top extravagance kind of way but I'll be glad to head out of here tomorrow to somewhere although no doubt commercial (it all is) somewhere  less crass.

The Real people however are at this moment pitting themselves against the mountain circuit at the Isle of Man TT, congratulations to my friends from Perth, Peter Burgess (Budge) and Jimmy Storar on good finishes in Saturday's sidecar race (Budge) and Sundays Supebike race (Jimmy) Matter of fact well done to all the competitors there, a mile apart from the mentality I've experienced lately. Good luck for the rest of the week, if you're interested all details on

Our "Hoose" In Las Vegas, quite nice actually

My God am I meant to eat it all?

I couldn't even bring myself to put money in for a photo , I know, miserable git, I gave some money to a beggar instead, made me feel better

The "Strip"

Pizza delivery and now girls delivered to your door, not sure how they fit in those boxes on the scooters though

I Know some sad people will like this....

Big props to get you in! 

Venice in the desert

Another "Holiday" Snap, sorry David! 

When did my French friends sell this??

Got to admit it is impressive though

Sandwich & Coffee in Bellagio (The Hotel, I much prefer the real thing!)

Money Pit (This was 11am)

Posh shops, posh prices!!

Inside the very impressive Wynne hotel where a bottle of Stella only cost $8 plus tax!!


  1. my thoughts on vegas, spot on....A glitzy, kinda tacky looking place built on the backs of losers! I'll take mexico any day.

    yes as expected, the IOM has been great to watch; amazing skills, and some real experienced (aka mature) contenders.

    great pics and many thanks for posting! cheers, Don

    1. Hi Don,
      Pity I missed the real footage from the IOM, I'll catch up when I get home no doubt, fantastic week for the Dunlops and good to see McGuiness bag the Senior. The IOM is a place which thankfully rewards the guys who stick at it!
      Thanks for the comments
      Gino & Fiona