Monday, 17 June 2013

Aspen to Denver Colorado

We were quite happy to leave Aspen, a pretty but pretentious town and head over the stunning Independence pass for a nights camping at Central City. Central City is a gambling town just outside Denver, we didn't partake of the gambling though, we met a nice couple on the campsite Steve and Donna and shared their campfire and swapped stories, refreshing to meet non Harley people for a change! Saturday morning we said goodbye to our tent, the zips were totally goosed, I reckon the tent lasted 100 nights camping, ot brilliant really! Then  we headed into Denver to Performance Cycle to do a tyre change, over 17000 on the fronts and 11000 on the backs, the rears still had a good few miles left on them but it made sense to change them here. Whilst I changed the tyres outside the shop we met several nice people interested in our trip.
After also picking up new chains (we are carrying sprockets) we headed to Peter Allens house in Evergreen to be met by his wife Micky. Great hospitality and a great garage to change the chain & Sprockets, 17500 miles on the same set says something for the Scottoilers, thanks guys!!
More bike maintenance today and pick up our hire car plus Fionas Mum & Dad as we take a two week car vacation, the blog will still be updated but you won't see the BMW's for two weeks.   
Independence Pass, stunning

Snow still evident

Hills in the rear in Leadville

You feel strange thinking of knocking on doors for help around here

Outside Performance Cycle with fellow Norton Owner Keith

Our host, Peter with his very pretty Vincent

And his 7R

New Imperial

Old Sprockets at 17500 miles, rear not too bad, front hooked in the overrun direction, strange??

Little Bear Inn

Humming bird


Stunning view from Peter & Micky's balcony

BBQ Master

Feeding the wildlife

Front end off the BMW to change the steering  head bearings (again, not good Mr BMW!!!!!)

Red Rock Ampitheatre

Vsited by Monks

Many famous bands play here

Trying a new tent out for size

Eating Pizza with our genial hosts Peter & Micky


  1. Let it beknown that rock formations are infinitely preferable to churches.. ;-) Surely you would expect the front sprocket to hook backwards and the rear to hook forwards. Under drive, the tension is in the top of the chain, and so tending to pull teeth toward the centre of the top strand of chain? Head bearings? Sprockets? I'm beginning to think you would have got on better with a Commando...

  2. Nice CNW T shirt !

  3. Hey there! Yay, we earned a mention in your blog!! It was so great to meet you two. Really enjoying your blog as well. If your travels find you in Eastern Iowa, please let us know. We would love to host your weary bones for a night or two! I also created a blog of our little adventure if you would like to check it out: I mentioned your blog in there so please let me know if you want me to remove it.
    Happy travels!
    Steve and Donna

    1. Hi Guys
      I spotted you guys again heading up Mount Evans, I was on the way down, thought Fiona would have got you at the top (she was in the car with her parents) but obviously missed you!
      The Blog address doesn't work for me??? Thanks for the mention & the offer of hospitality
      Gino & Fiona