Monday, 30 July 2012

Plastic sprockets?

After my recent visit to Scottoiler I thought I'd better take their advice and replace the sprockets on my G650GS, the pictures below show the old and new and the front compared to the obviously well worn rear.
Strange the front does approx 3 times the work of the rear (its smaller and turns more often) and yet it still looks servicable while the rear is junk, the teeth are worn to a point (so sharp I cut my finger on it, blood and oil , a great combination!!)

So are BMW making the rears out of plastic? Quite poor after only 7500 miles I think, so now we have the Scottoilers on it'll give me a reference point to compare the difference the oilers make. The rear sprocket is a pattern one and hopefully better than the original!!


  1. Yeah, almost looks like you could recycle that sprocket as a saw blade. How did the other bike compare, or did it have less mileage..? It will be interesting to see how the oilers do.

  2. That'd very poor! My MZ Skorpion (similar weight, power and engine characteristics) is still on its original rear sprocket after 40,000 miles (20,000 with a Scottoiler). Interestingly, your 'pattern' sprocket is made by 'JT' which are fitted as standard by Yamaha (and possibly others). My original JT front sprocket lasted about 30,000 miles, so another £10 JT went on as a replacement. (Skorpion has a Yamaha engine). No doubt an 'original' BMW sprocket costs more than a 'pattern' JT!

  3. Larry, the other bike has been ridden by a woman before my wife got it so a few KG's lighter , still not good but hopefully good enough to do the trip to Ukraine (leave next Thursday)
    Total sh*te I'd say, because the bikes are "new" JT don't list them yet but the rears are the same as the earlier bikes hence the pattern ones, Motorworks couldn't tell me if the front was the same so (different part number) so I had to buy a genuine BMW one at almost £30 ....ouch, only to find I'm 99.9% sure its the same as the earlier bikes but without the rubber sound deadening that used to be fitted, and a different fixing but the sprocket appears the same, ordered a JT pattern one to compare so its only a tenner wasted if I'm wrong and zillions saved if I'm right!!!