Monday, 23 July 2012

Norton weekend sucess

So a great weekend at Applecross with a small but friendly turnout, also met Norman from at the weekend The run up on Friday was great, dry roads and an unbelievably hot and sunny Applecross on Friday night, plenty alcohol was consumed to ensure that "Applecross effect" on the Saturday, a run round the peninsula on the Saturday and then more of the same on Saturday night!
The run home was terrible, the Bealach positively dangerous with no visibility and high gusting winds, add in tourists who don't have a clue how to drive and it makes it a not fun occasion.

Special mention to Alan Throssell who rode up from Essex in one hit, 630 miles on his Commando leaving at half past midnight on the Friday morning, didn't seem to phase him much. Thanks to all who made the effort including Martin & Micky from Southern Ireland , good company, good times and we'll do it again no doubt.


  1. Alan Throssell26 July 2012 at 04:28

    Gino, a great report on Applecross. Thanks for the mention. I wish I could say the ride home was as pleasurable as the ride up. I left camp 8.15am Monday, going over Bealach-na-Bá wasn’t easy, horizontal rain and strong gusts of wind were trying there best to remove me and the Norton Commando from the mountain top. But we survived to tell the tale. I rode 250 miles before the rain briefly stopped, only to start half an hour later to finish off my drenching. 450 miles done when I arrived at my friends in Yorkshire. I was pleased to get out of my wet gear. Thanks to everyone who made me so very welcome, I enjoyed every second.
    Nortons Rule.

  2. Alan
    Good to hear you got back OK, now you know why we insist on staying in this wet and cold country, and travel to Applecross so much!
    See you in Belgium and glad it was worth the effort