Thursday, 5 July 2012

International Norton Rally

Its this weekend so looking forward to it, heading tomorrow afternoon, hopefully the rain will not assume biblical proportions as forecast! Just filled the bikes with fuel so ready to go, pic of the three Nortons garaged here this afternoon.

Funny but sad story, the police in this country have today closed one of our main motorways for 6 hours causing miles of delays and chaos because a bus carrying passengers from Preston to London had somebody on it smoking some kind of electronic health aid designed to help stopping smoking. One of the passengers obviously thought it was a bomber trying a terrorist raid on the M6.
So we end up with dozens of police cars, more than a dozen fire engines, the Army, armed police and literally thousands of people being inconvenienced because of lack of common sense and gumption. The UK these days is a joke, priorities are all wrong, the politicians, press and bankers all liars and crooks, the Boards of big companies all awarding themselves huge salaries despite their incompetence whilst screwing the workers, today on the radio I heard a debate on whether people should get compassionate leave from work if their pet dies, my god, we really are losing it, common sense has all but disappeared!!
Glad this weekend I'll be with (mostly) like minded, nice, sensible people and (mostly) riding Nortons!!
Now my worry is if my Norton smokes a bit is it possible I could cause as much chaos as our electronic fag replacement person did today? Hope not!    

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