Monday, 16 July 2012

All systems go!!

First time I've mentioned it on the blog but at last the flights are booked!
Our trip from Argentina to Alaska and beyond is a definite, flying to Buenos Aires the last week in November, the bikes will hopefully arrive at the same time. Then riding to hopefully the Argentina Horizons unlimited Rally in the South before making our way to Tierra Del Fuego to start the ride north through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Equador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, then into Alsaka before heading South to San Francisco to do Route 66 to Chicago back into Canada and shipping home from New York.
We're expecting the trip to take just under a year so hopefully plenty photos and stories for you all to enjoy. The "All Roads lead to the Moon" tour is on!!
In between times we are heading to the Ukraine soon for a shakedown trip and of Course Applecross for the Norton meeting this weekend so plenty to do between now and November!!
I'm busy preparing the 650 BMW's just now (sorry to disappoint by not taking the Norton but it would be a step to far at the moment I think!!)


  1. That sounds fantastic!! Definitely looking forward to seeing your posts and pics of all that. That's some itinerary! Wow.

  2. Aye Gino,
    If we don't see you afore you go, all the best, good health and please pay my respects to Punto Arenas and the pampa. The Trans America Highway is grand in Chile, but most roads off it in the south are like graded forestry roads. Just remember "Gringo!", "Aye, Escócia Gringo!" + Rangers and or Celtic! ;¬) Whisky minitures or 40oz are welcome gifts!
    My regards, Bill.

  3. Hopefully it goes mostly to plan Larry!
    Bill, hopefully we'll see each other before November, there will be a couple of classic meets before then!

  4. Way to go, Gino! will be sorry and haunted forever for not taking the Norton!
    Bien viaje, Bennie (from the low lands)

    1. Hi Bennie, yes I know but even more mentally scarred if I did!! See you at the Begonia?

    2. Yep, will be there.
      There is a saying here: "vaak bi'j te bange".
      Which is something like: often one is too worried/scared...
      How will you explain things at the Norton Rats in Peru?
      Just kiddin', am just jealous.
      That lecture of Austin Vince got you hooked?