Monday, 9 July 2012

International Rally goes well

Despite the weather which was at times horrendous, especially for people travelling from the South the rally was a great event. Well organised and a good field to pitch in although because of all the water it was a bit muddy!
We met Alex at 2pm on Friday, for once he was on time, a new leaf perhaps? Great run down the A7 in mostly dry conditions although the occasional "river" running across the otherwise dry roads bore testament to the amount of rain we've had. A stop for fuel at Carlisle revealed we were getting over 60 miles to the gallon, excellent, onwards for a short blat down the M6 before heading over the A65 to Skipton, the last 30 miles were in rain and the last 10 very wet!! We were lucky, all around people were trying to find places to dry their wet clothes. We got the tent up and retired to the bar.
Its always a great event for catching up with people you haven't seen for a while, a really good turnout from the French, Belgian, Dutch and Austrian branches and so good to see old friends.
Saturday we were blessed with sun (well until 6pm anyway) so no complaints there, a nice meal in Skipton (after getting soaked walking there) then a hectic night in the bar. It appears the whisky took a hammering! Up in the morning to get organised for the run home, although the Rally lasts till Monday we had things to do so we once again had a very nice run home, a tad wet to start but then a glorious run up the A7 again to home.
Well done to the Yorkshire branch for a great event, and good to say hello to all our friends in the Norton world, thanks to Leon for the gift of his home made wine (looking forward to that when my liver has had a rest) I'll let the pictures tell the story!

 Saturday night!
 Pretty canal in Skipton, wet though!
 Nice Inter well loaded with luggage

 Pretty in purple and some serious brakes!
 The field when we arrived, difficult riding conditions!!
Fuelled up and ready to go

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