Saturday, 14 August 2010

Why do I meddle?

So after a very nice afternoon in the sun and warmth (when the wind died down) we arrived home and Fi said she thought tomorrow (Sunday) she would use the Mk2 Commando, fine I thought great excuse to give the fastback a good run. Now since I've got the fastback I've only sorted the bits that needed immediate attention going on the theory that I'd just use it and see what developed, well one thing that has bugged me is the suspension, I've put an old pair of Hagons rear shocks on to sort out the back end but today after feeling my spine go through my brain when I hit a pothole I thought I'd stiffen them up and check the front end. Thats why I won't be using the fastback tomorrow, the rear is now OK (I think) but I found some major no no's in the front, not a problem but it'll be a half day in the workshop to sort it all out so that will be a job for next week then!
Those who are wondering about 750 roadster progress, a full day yesterday sorting out the Amals (different main jets in each carb and some serious blockages in some of the galleries) and I still wasn't happy, a check of the ignition revealed a pick up that was past its best so I changed thet (luckily I have several in stock!) eventually abandoned at 4.30!
Another half day or so and hopefully I can give it a decent run, now back to the beginning, why do I meddle?

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