Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Getting organised

This week has been spent getting organised for the trip to the Begonia Rally in Belgium, leaving from Hull tomorrow so only 300 miles to get there for the ferry. There is always stress involved though especially when a ferry is involved, took MVD along to fill up the petrol tank today and it seemed to be missing a bit on tickover on the right side, is it just me being paranoid?, changed the plug anyway and feel happier. I also noticed the Right fork seal is leaking a bit, now this is a right PITA (pain in the a*se) as I rebuilt the forks with new stanchions bushes seals and dampers in the winter, there is a definite quality control issue with parts now, one leg was actually 0.5mm smaller than the other! now this may not sound like much but its probably the reason I have a weeping fork leg. Anyway hopefully that's the least of the worries, its going anyway, everything is packed, passport looked out so hopefully tomorrow Belgium here we come. Updates as usual when I can.

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