Sunday, 22 August 2010

Another Norton Triangle mystery

Out for a run today on the Fastback which is now a million times better since I've rebuilt the suspension, it was going really well until we entered the Norton triangle ( an area around Lonniddry to Fenton Barns where all of my Nortons have broken down) as I pulled up to the junction with the main A199 the bike wouldn't take any throttle at all. This was exactly the same place where the 750s went onto one cylinder a few weeks ago! Using at first just a Swiss army Knife I stripped the carb, managed to get petrol over myself and even managed to get some all over my face. After the carb I needed to get into the boyer pickup to have a look, luckily Gill had a toolkit on her Suzuki (note to self, must carry some basic tools in future) , cover off and there it was, a broken connector on the pickup, a bit of swiss army knife surgery saw it fixed, Fi meanwhile had been off in search of insulating tape, there was none in the shop so a makeshift insulator was crafted from the old connector. Fixed and running great now, must remember to do a permanent fix BEFORE I take it out again!

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