Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scottish Tourism

Now we had a plan to have a small get together this weekend in Dunkeld, Perthshire and camp at the Invermill campsite there. Not long ago I would just have turned up on the day but now that "we" are organised Fi called yesterday to book spaces for our tents. "we don't do groups" "we don't allow bookings for one night" "Its the weekend we'll probably be full anyway" and that was without mentioning we would be turning up on motorcycles heaven forbid.
People who run businesses can of course decide who they want as customers and how to run their business but I certainly will not be darkening their door again (or camping pitches).
Now that's a not untypical story from Scotland and its tourist industry, I sometimes wonder why people come here at all, changeable weather and stroppy staff "what do you mean you want something to eat, its 2.30, the kitchen doesn't open again till 6pm!"
I have travelled extensively, camping and in hotels and have to say my worst experiences have been at home in Scotland, I always feel nervous about asking for a camping space if there are more than 4 of us on bikes in case I get the "we're not having the likes of you here"
Now of course there are many excellent campsites here who welcome all people, they are the real business people who realise that money in through the door is what its all about, repeat business and recommendations.
Maybe its time to write a guide on Tourist friendly hotels and camp sites in Scotland, how ridiculous would that be (but very handy!)
So far this year I and my friends have had a great experience in the following places and they are recommended;
The Applecross Inn (of course)
Applecross Campsite
Resipol Campsite (Ardnamurchan)
The Cromarty Hotel
The Railway Carriages Rogart
The Killin Hotel
The Moorfield house Hotel (Braemar)
The Culag Hotel Lochinver

More will be added as we go along, perhaps I'll publish a list of "good places" at the end of the year and maybe a list of not so good places!


  1. I know where your coming from Gino, seem to have had more bad experiences than good in Scotland. You plan a wee run with some mates, stop for a bite to eat at some Hotel miles from the "normal" route, sorry we do not serve food till.... you'd think they'd be glad of some trade. But the one that really gets me is the fuel stations, some of them are there but they shut half day Saturday and don't open on a Sunday, what good is that for tourism...


  2. Totally agree Kawa, we are not good at catering for tourists, mind you as far as petrol goes in rural France and in Belgium petrol on a Sunday can be a bit hit and miss unless you have the "correct" petrol card (quite often a UK Visa or Acess doesn't work!)
    I often wonder when I see rural hostelries closed that if they had just tried a bit harder could they have survived?