Friday, 20 August 2010

Captain Dangerous!

Yesterday I popped in to see an old friend, Peter Burgess or "Budge" as he's better known, still racing despite having some pretty bad injuries through the years. He was all excited about this classic outfit he bought earlier in the year and which had a successfull debut at the Bob Mac meeting at East Fortune. Budge is the passenger, that is he hangs out on the corners to try to keep the sidecar wheel on the ground, like I say "Captain Dangerous" ! It's guys like this that are the mainstay of the racing scene, they're not famous, they spend an incredible amount of money to compete and all for FUN! Not for glory, not for a fat contract from the big manufacturers but just to have a good time, to me these guys are the real heroes of the racing scene. Budge was telling me that another old friend Wattie Brown is off to the Isle of Man this week to compete in the Classic Manx, second in the Senior last year I hope he gets the well deserved win, good luck Wattie

Would you like to hang out of this at speeds of over 100mph?

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