Friday, 6 August 2010


This week has been busy enough, glad to say that the 750 passed its MOT but still not happy with the way its running, suspect the carbs need some more work, I'll persevere until its perfect. The good thing is the motor and gearbox (and brakes) seem really good so looking forward to getting it sorted out and having a wee run on it.
Last night I was at the Lothians Classic club, just started along the Edinburgh bypass when a load of modern bikes passed me, that in itself isn't a problem, the issue I had was that for some bizarre reason they passed with only a couple of feet to spare and then immediately cut in front of me. I felt at the time that had I just moved off course a bit there could quite easily have been an accident. I turned off onto the 702 to stop for fuel and guess what they were only 100 yards in front of me! I was so pissed off that I confronted them about their bizarre riding habits, all of them claimed not to have been aware that they had passed me, now that's a bit worrying, then the fat leader (usual mid - late 50's guy with the fancy leathers on a new sportsbike) had a memory moment and said he wasn't too close. Look guys, pay attention or you will become another statistic. I arrived at the club to see that they were there as well, what is it with these guys, no interest in classic bikes but still go and make the place busy anyway. Luckily I settled down as dusk fell as most of these guys obviously can't see in the dark and had screamed away back to the pit they call home. After that a good night was had by all!
I seem to be doing a lot of ranting just now, need to stay calm, need to stay calm!
Off to Applecross this afternoon, looking out the window just now its teeming down with rain, hopefully it'll settle down for us later, if not for the run up hopefully in time to get the tent up!


  1. Gino, it seems to be a problem with all these crotch rocket riders everywhere. They ride like loons, do stupid things that make other riders guilty by association and then become statistics which thereby generate new and even more ridiculous laws "for our own safety." Prats


  2. Aye Tim, agree, it really gets me wound up!