Saturday, 21 August 2010

Another addition to the Stable

First thing this morning I had to go and pick up another Guzzi Le Mans Mk3, its a disease this buying bikes game, originally I thought I'd break it for spares but its too good for that so it joins the growing list of restoration projects in hand!
This afternoon I finally got a ride on the 750 roadster I've been working on, I have to say that despite much swearing trying to get it to run well I finally have and it appears to go well. The only other thing I'll change is the gearing, at the moment its on a 19 tooth front which means at 70mph its screaming, not good for longevity of the motor or for getting the best from the Torquey Commando unit.
Photo of the 750 and the Mk3 Commando after todays run.

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