Saturday, 4 May 2013

To Mexico city and beyond

First apologies for the lack of posts but when you are on the road its not always that easy. We left Catemaco and wobbled down the very pretty back road to the main road to Mexico City, now the problem is the Pay roads are expensive but after months of very wobbly back roads we were prepared to spend the money to make progress. However it was May the 1st, labour day and we got involved in several protests en route which basically means clogging up the roads.
After 8 hours solid in the saddle we passed through Puebla en route to our proposed destinattion Atlixo, we were both grumpy and tired at this point and losing focus so when I saw a hotel sign I said enough's enough here we go, so the Marriot at Puebla got our trade. I think the girl on the desk was surprised when I did'nt baulk at the price and said fine I'll take it!
Thursday we headed through the very busy Mexico City to the west side to a BMW shop where our host in Mexico City Gary Dymond had arranged to meet us. We got lost a couple of times (in a city of 22 Million people it isn't funny!) but made it. Have to say the guy at the shop basically blanked us, now I didn't expect a red carpet but some interest in where we had come from might have been good. We waited outside the shop like a couple of hobo's till Gary arrived.
Then it was back into the city, now I hate big citys, it's not my idea of motorcycling fun but it wasn't as bad as we thought it might be.
Gary and his wife Ivonne put us up for a couple of nights, very nice people who have hosted countless overlanders over the years, thanks guys your hospitality is much appreciated
Yesterday we ventured into the centre vis bus and tube, not my favourite experience! Obama was in town ( and didn't come to see me!) so security was high and we were both glad to be back in the sanctuary of Gary and Ivonne's home early evening.
Today we once again fought our way out of the city and now 265 miles later we are in Zamora. Had a bit of an incident at one of the pay stations where some protest was going on, decided not to pay or stop for the 20 or so so masked youths and rode through, the Federal Police were on the other carriageway and didn't follow us so not sure what was going on.
Tomorrow a bit further towards the Baha pensinsula........
 Speed bump hell, this is a good one, clearly marked . Most aren't!
 The roads keep you on your toes
 Nice villages though
 Taking your horse for a walk with a donkey!
 Right Gino, get a move on!
 13000 miles, limited underwear, muchos wear!!
 Coffee break, bastards wouldn't let us use their toilet after buying food! Not happy!!
 Fi outside the most unfriendly BMW shop yet, the KTM shop was better! (but we used the Bavarian bogs ha ha)
 Impressive, centre of Mex city
 The  Presidential Palace
 Nice roof
 Nice parking!!! Bumpers were touching at both ends!!!
 Cool old building
 More impressive stuff
 Making sure Obama leaves quietly
 Look at this carefully. I'll quiz you all when I get home
 Super painting by number story
 Dodgy guide with dodgy shakey hands makes bad photo
 On the bus hame, Mex city is MASSIVE
Our hosts and friends to countless overland travellers Gary & Ivonne Dymond, thanks a lot guys for the hospitality and advice


  1. Hola Gino and Fi!

    Sorry to be out of the loop for a bit (my own personal trials-I should start a blog but I'm sure I'd get sued!) To top it off the commando's been down with a kickstarter-transmission malady. the gods are pissed at me for some reason.

    Good to see you in Mexico; I want to retire there, just an awesome place, and don't all those soldiers and cops make you feel safe?

    Great photos, are those murals by Diego de Rivera? and how many portraits of Frieda Kahlo have you been tempted to buy?

    PLEASE don't leave Mexico without trying anything with molé; poultry is best!

    Anyway good to see you're doing well... keep posting and keep the rubber on the ground!



    1. Hi Don, Sorry to hear about the Norton woes, normal I guess!!
      Its been good, food and beer is cheap as is acommodation so a plus. I;m finding the army a bit ott actually, not sure they need to look scary!
      Spot on with the murals, top marks!
      I'll get my food taster onto it ha ha
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Only one comment and nothing about the state of the underwear i hope yours are holding up better than Fi's, sorry for not getting a chance to comment more but just been to Cadwell park two weekends on the trot, looks like all's going well for yous so keep it up, i dont know when i will i will get a chance to look again as lots of work on and just over two weeks till TT. Hope all gos well for you both, Budge

    1. Aye Budge, surprised about that, good to hear from you, good luck for the TT!!! Remember take care and go like F*ck. I'll be keeping an eye on the times!!
      Gino & Fiona