Wednesday, 22 May 2013

San Diego to Monterey via Hollywood LA

We left San Diego Monday morning and made our way up a very busy Highway 101 to Los Angeles, a quick stop in Hollywood to get a photo of the iconic sign before heading to Malibu Creek National Park for a nights camping. A couple of things struck me, first Hollywood wasn't as glamorous as I thought it would be (and I'm sure they'll say the same about me!) and it felt like I was riding through an American movie, signs for Sunset Boulevard plus others including Beverly Hills seemed surreal. The camping in the National park was $45 a night, when I asked what I got for my $45 the ranger replied, toilets, a shower and a fire pit! He never mentioned we had to pay extra for the shower. It was great to be camping again and we spent some time with a couple of Dutch students Frank & Fabio chewing the fat.
Tuesday we headed up the Pacific Coast Highway to just South of Big Sur to Los Padres park, this time it was $22 for camping but no showers and no electric in the toilets, we did enjoy it although the temperature has dropped and it was feeling very cold. The run up the road was nice scenery wise but the high gusting wind made it difficult, at one point two side gusts one after the other blew me into the other lane into the path of a 4x4 who luckily moved over so I didn't hit him.
Today (Wednesday) more Pacific coast highway, more scenery and more wind, as we hadn't had a wash for a couple of days and were both smelling like woodtinks after two nights at the camp fire we thought we'd better get a hotel (In Monterey) and get cleaned up before meeting Pete Balshaw an old colleague in San fran tomorrow.
We still are having trouble adjusting to the American way (Mainly the prices) but it'll come!!

A nice Buik in a Hollywood petrol station

Gino Rondelli of no fixed hairstyle , moustache or eyebrows under the Hollywood sign

Fiona takes a much better picture

Camping again!! MASH & Planet of the apes were filmed in this park

Sun setting

Camping so it must be pasta!

This guy and his mates hung around scrounging all morning

This guy just lazed around

Los Padres park

Chef Rondelli cooking Stovies, a first while getting clothes that nice smokey smell

The Pacific, never realised California could be so cold and windy and still look like a film set

Waiting at another set of roadworks

Busy Harbour in Monterey

Fat Birds

Fishermans Wharf where we me a Scottish family on Holiday, our first in 6 months!

Now I was hoping for the sake of the guys with their noses up the others bums that flatulence isn't a problem, this could be the cover of my next book on business, how to 


  1. Great to see you two making real progress (hard not too at california highway speeds) I love that pacific coast, some great photos.

    My filmmaker son ( lives in haight-ashbury, across from golden gate park; let me know if you need to use the shower and I'll give him a call... Cheers, Don

    1. Hi Don
      We have a place to stay in SFO so we should be OK for a wash ha ha, nice ad BTW
      Gino & Fiona

  2. It must have taken you ages to lift those guys onto the fence. Well worth it though, great picture.

    1. Hi Martin
      Yep my arms are still sore! They reminded me of some aspiring senior managers with their noses so far up the others arse! I thought it was a very relevant picture for our own business! Hows the cycling going?

  3. Gino just found your Blog, and seen videos number 1, 2 and 3 so far. GOOD LUCK in your travels JOHN PATON, Perth Scotland.

    1. Hi John, Great to hear from you, hope you have enjoyed it so far, 6 months on the road now, just over half way. Back home in November if all goes to plan.