Monday, 13 May 2013

San Javier

Not much to report from our week “off” really, had a nice ride up to San Javier (about 25 miles away in the mountains) on Saturday, this is a small misson town (very small) and Saturday was their festival, that basically meant a load of Caballeros rode into town, posed for pictures in front of the very pretty church and got blessed by the local priest. It had a really nice feel to it but we left around luchtime to head for a interesting “Western Saloon” type place (Del Barracho) back near the main road, the kind of place where typical Harley guys would love to hang out I suppose!

The Owner seemed very friendly and even caught me out with a practical joke which I won’t reveal until I’ve caught a few others out with it! Last night we went to Mass which was interesting and very pleasant, it was full and half the congregation were teenagers, much different to the demographics back home I think. I have to admit to trying a Margarita last night, pleasant but why serve it in a girls glass!! We plan to head North again on Wednesday and with a bit of luck cross into the USA on Saturday.....or we may hang about on the Baja longer.....who knows. One thing, I have had a question from a well known Paisley man (now in Peebles) about the blue stuff in the photos, George, that’s what the sky looks like when it’s not full of was new to us too!

The nice Mission Church at San Javier

Impressive backdrop, seemingly brought here from Mexico City by Mules several hundred years ago

Small, pretty place

Typical house, not sure the roof would last long back home!

Caballeros ride into town

Some horses were less well behaved

Riding towards the church

To be blessed by the Priest

Is it legal to use your phone whilst riding a horse?

Outside the mean Saloon Del Borracho

I was watching a film on the telly, a western funnily enough

Enjoying a strange drink in an even stranger glass!


  1. Glad to see you both are in good health and still having a great time, fantastic photos along with your blog. Stay safe and take care. John.

    1. Hey Bro, good to hear from you, back on the road today. Happy Birthday tomorrow , have a good one
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Hey, Gino. Julie and I quite enjoyed meeting you and Fiona and hanging out those few times in Loreto. Feel free to drop me a line, and let us know if you would like to meet up again when you come through chicago.