Saturday, 25 May 2013

Into San Francisco but BMW gremlins strike again!

We arrived in San Francisco on Thursday to stay with Pete Balshaw who we knew from Scotland and who's been working here for a year. Friday I was checking the bikes over and noticed Fiona's was leaking coolant out of the Water pump drain hole, usually a sign one of the seals has gone, it wasn't just a small leak and considering we were heading through Death valley after here I decided we better get it fixed, still 4 days of the warranty so along to the BMW dealer in Livermore, very helpful and of course this is a holiday weekend so nothing will happen until Tuesday at the earliest, he's hoping to get us back on the road for Wednesday night so a longer stay with Pete than he expected.
It's a known issue but usually doesn't happen until high mileage, a bit disappointed that its happened at 26000 miles!
Today we went sightseeing in San Fran, the usual stuff, BMW always making us go back to be tourists!!
If any car manufacturer put out a bike that needed major warranty work every 6000 miles they would soon go out of business, why can't they get their act together and make bikes which last??
On a positive note the Scottoilers are doing great, still on the original chains & Sprockets after almost 16000 miles in some pretty extreme conditions!
Fishermans Wharf San Fran, seals fighting over space

Good way to use up half a VW campervan


City tour on one of these anyone, pay to look like an idiot 

Golden Gate Bridge

And again with the city in the background

Compulsory photo!

Our Host Pete about to get invaded

After a nice dinner

BMW shop had this in, very nice

The streets of San Fran

Not the steepest street but you get the idea

More boats


Seals everywhere, the two in the middle arguing over space

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  1. "City tour on one of these anyone, pay to look like an idiot" hahaha! well said Gino; I remember the unfortunate inventor of that thing perished after driving it over a cliff! No thanks, I'll take my two wheels in-line, thank you. Great city shots, I hope you're getting some great cioppino and pasta ala puttanesca! Cheers, Don