Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hanging around in San Ramon

Due to our enforced break courtesy of BMW, our host Pete has been showing us around, really nice place around here, very clean and orderly after Latin America, a bit too clean and orderly though, still taking a bit of getting used to. This weekend is Memorial day weekend so everybody was off, a nice "Wind & Art" gala in the local park kept us amused on Sunday, just like a village fete except bigger. And yesterday a drive around Livermore & Dublin and of course a visit to a shopping mall! The pics as always tell a better story.
Enjoying the California sun

Police bikes at the fair, surprisingly the local cops changed from Harley after 10 years recently, no complaints from the guys we spoke to!

Every fair needs a stationary engine, just like hame!

And a tractor

Jazz band kept the mood mellow

Everything is big here, these pick ups are amazing but I wouldn't like to pay the bill to fill the tank back home ($4 a US gallon here which is actually about 70 p a litre)

Liked this one

Cool 1952 Chevy police car

At first I thought the guy was of Irish descent (one was) but the clover is to show how many accidents they walk away from....

Nice guy answered all our daft questions

In Bridges restaurant Saturday night, made famous for being used in a scene from Mrs Doubtfire (the food wasn't bad either)

Cheesecake factory for lunch.... well we are on a break....

Nice olde worlde main street in Livermore

Luckily just caught this as we left the supermarket, sounded great!


  1. Great photo's again, love the cop wi the wellies on and of course the flying fortress,think I need a bigger helmet for all my cloverleafs :-o Looks like you both are havin a great time, say hello to big Pete from me if you are still there. Sorry to hear the bike is sick again , thought these things were up to the job, Ewan & Charlie thought so, mind you , you dont have a fleet of trucks following you with spares! All the best from cold/wet Glesga, Malky.

    1. Hi Malky, good to hear from you, we had a great time at Pete's but glad to be back on the road again!
      Aye a back up truck would have been handy!!!
      Gino & Fiona

  2. Your challenge is to ensure there are enough holes in your belt ,troosers shrink quick in USA...Awesome content as per...think a' better make sure the Club gies ye a guid 40 mins fur yir debrief...
    If yir pannin' Yellowstone visit...try and avoid w/ends,too busy.
    Mak sure yi visit the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone.

    Trust ye set up a Bar Tab for next w/end at Dijon


    1. Hi George
      Guid tae hear fae ye. My belly will be Yank size soon if i keep eating these giant portions!! 10 minutes would cover the trip.......
      Aye we are going there wi Fi's maw & Paw
      Tell them the beers on me (hope you get in OK, they were being funny about not pre booking!)
      Enjoy the trip

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