Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Onto the Baja

We left the nice little town of Zamora (although even little towns are big here!) and had a great ride through the mountains to Tepic. On the way we passed Tequila (the town not the drink) and just outside we saw the cacti being cultivated which are used to make the drink (not the town) We rolled into a hotel at the North side of Tepic to find that it had been partially taken over by the police. Business must be slack so they were using half the hotel to house the cops and as a station. Police with guns everywhere we parked the bikes next to the pool and next to the shelter they seemed to have their breaks in, hopefully safe there then!
A very early for us start (before 8!!) saw us in Matzalan to organise a ferry to the Baja Peninsula before 11am. Luckily we got a space on the ferry but it appeared there were no spare cabins or seats, we were told to try when we got on the boat or we would just have to sleep in the bar!
We had the usual military check and waited around having a cold beer in the scorching sun while we waited to load. On the ferry (much smaller thn the North Sea ships) we made our way to reception to put our name down for a cabin and settled into the bar and started drinking in an effort to numb the pain of a possible sleep there! We did in the end get a basic cabin, but the drinking carried on, with our new Mexican friend Juan and his trucker pals, it all got very messy and nobody felt great this morning.
The ferry should have got in at 10, it got in at 11.30 then it took 3 painful hours to get through the military checkpoint. Speaking with a guy who works for a bearing business behind us in the queue I asked how businesses could operate in this environment, he admitted it was another day lost and it was a regular issue. We decided to spend the rest of the day here in La Paz, tomorrow hopefully we meet up with Kevin Raftery's brother Kieran and his wife Norma in Loreto where we'll have a few days rest!!
 Folding the flag in Zamora
 Another impressive church
 Tequila Cactus!!
 Fi Daydreaming about tequila
Our own police guard
 Early morning chat with one of the guys
 Waiting for the ferry
 Whist enjoying a beer
 Fi in the queue for dinner, its part of the ticket fee and a bit like school dinners but good though, notice the typical sombrero!
 Mostly truck drivers
 Fi having a Titanic moment
 Juan and I this morning
 Why did I drink so much!
 Pelican on a boat in La Paz
 Cool boat car

We are going to San Fransisco so practicing wearing flowers in my hair! (cheers Malky)


  1. Mexicanos are some of the kindest, most down to earth people I have ever known. Baja is a blast.... be sure you have enuf petrol!

  2. Hi Gino, i've been following your blog, very good and always look forward to new posts. Baja is an area i know well, have many happy memories of the whole area. On your way up the highway make sure you stop at Mama Espinoas cafe at El Rosario. There are so many cool places and people. Just make the most it before you pass into 'USA' and all the Baja charm stops and suddenly everything is clean, you'll know what i mean when you get to SoCal, good luck, Jonathan Patterson

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the comment, we will take your advice!
      Cheers Gino & Fiona

  3. Great content again...can you explain what all the Blue parts on your photies is..the Blue seems to be above the buildings and mountains.
    Some news frae hame..The pre 65 wis cancelled due to the stuff that is cauld an wet,peltin' doon..the Burn sections too dangerous..I kinda enjoyed the challenge o' the 70mph side wind ower Rannoch Moor...evens oot tyre ware 45 deg.lean tae left on way north and vice versa on way back....See whit yir missin'


    1. Blue is the new Grey Geordie, nae grey here, dinnae want it either!
      Guid the tyre wera evens oot, you'd hate tae change a tyre cause one side was through tae the canvas before the ither!!
      Take it easy oot there....we are!
      Cheers Gino & Fiona