Friday, 29 June 2012

International Norton extravaganza

Well actually its the Tay Valley Brach camping weekend, July 20 -22 at Applecross Wester Ross, possibly the best roads in the UK and one (if not the) of the best pubs also. All Norton owners welcome, lesser makes also welcome and we'll try to convert you!
No Band or organisation, get yourself along to talk bikes and introduce yourself!
If you want to know what its like, the video from 2008 is here


  1. A group of friends and I have arranged to go the same weekend, so let's hope for good weather and not to many midgies! See you there.

    1. Good stuff Norman, like the Blog BTW, quite often dip in and out! Was there last weekend, nice and no midges so the odds of 2 weekends in a year like that are slim!!