Monday, 4 June 2012

Hairdryer goes fast shock

So today we witnessed an electric bike breaking the 100mph average around the isle of man. Michael Rutter lapped at 102 and went through the speed trap at 153mph. Thats is incredible but the fact all you hear is the wind noise as they pass is very strange. The marshall's even wear rubber gloves during the race to protect from static shock if they have to pick one up. Another great day at the races but an early ferry tomorrow means it'll be an early night.


  1. That's pretty amazing for a battery bike. I'll have to google that. Was watching some race video at another site, with lots of helicopter footage. What an amazing bunch of riders...

  2. Larry, very impressive but very strange at the same time, a bike which doesn't make a noise!
    Yes its a pretty special place, Kevin Scwantz and Randy Mamola done a parade lap today, they sounded impressed on the Radio