Sunday, 24 June 2012

A most excellent time!

Well thats us back from Applecross, we were so lucky with the weather, virtually a dry run up there and then it was hot enough to sunbathe for a while on Saturday afternoon before heading to the walled garden for afternoon tea and then back to the campsite for a couple of pints. Met a couple of guys from Lancashire, one of them on a T150 trident (one of four he's got) good banter followed in the pub later, they turned in about 10, the pub got quiet then busy again, we left about 1 am so plentiful drink was taken and since it was my birthday Judy (hostess of the year) got me a bit of cake with candles just to embarass me and a very nice dram (which didn't embarass me)
Again today a great run home, the roads were wet in bits but we got no rain, roads were quiet and most people moved over to let us through, doesn't get better really. Its funny, on Friday the roads were flooded and I wasn't really relishing the trip but it turned out great, the rain's always worse through the window, get out there on your bike and enjoy it! 
Just to prove it, sunshine over the Applecross area, fantastic

 I think this lamb was playing hide and seek!
The guys getting a feed in before the Saturday night Stag party!!!

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