Monday, 18 June 2012

Back from Sunny Shrewsbury

We just had a overnight trip to see my daughter Micheala in a dance show she's in. I was very impressed, now theatre and modern dance aren't usually my thing but the show was excellent and of course I thought Micky was the star (well I would wouldn't I)
As we drove (no bikes this weekend) down the road we left a very wet and cold Edinburgh to magically arrive in a very pleasant and warm Shrewsbury 300 miles South, the temperature seemed to go up about 1 degree (C) per 50 miles. I have to say that I was impressed with Shropshire as a nice area, there is a recession on but judging from the amount of fancy motors we saw, Ferrari's, Lamborgini's, Bentley's not to mention a myriad of expensive looking Classic cars there are parts of the country where the recession appears to have missed.
I never knew until last night that Shrewsbury was the birthplace of Charles Darwin, it is and they have a very large and strange statue to him overlooking the river, the statue is supposed to represent DNA, I thought it was a fish skeleton until told otherwise! Oh well maybe I should stick to bikes rather than trying to be sophisticated! 

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