Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I hate public transport

Why you may ask? Well its not the comfort, the train I got this morning to Glasgow was comfortable enough, no the journey was spoiled by the public. Now this is an unfortunate problem with the public in general, they tend to have some ignorant people amongst them. Todays prize goes to the fat guy in a suit who seemed to be terribly important sitting next to me. He was so important that despite the train being busy and having nowhere else to sit that when I sat next to him he never moved a millimetre, he continued to take up 1 1/2 seats and spoke in his phone in between doing the crossword in his paper that took up 70% of the table.
I did consider emptying my cup of tea in his lap, or even having a word but he was an ignorant son of a bitch and wouldn't probably have realised why I was complaining, the upshot  was I suffered in silence and put a small curse on him instead.
Please note the following;
Wearing a suit, shirt and tie doesn't give you any more rights than anyone else
If you are too fat to fit on a seat, consider your other passengers or pay for 2 seats!
If you think you are so important, go in first class!!
We (the silent majority) do not want to hear your terribly important phone conversations, consider this when you speak!
Rant over! Although I am pleased I never resorted to my base behaviour which would have been to have a go, to be honest I couldn't be bothered and felt sorry for the sad fat short guy really!! 

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