Saturday, 5 June 2010

Trouble again!

So the 750s was finally taxed for the road and I was pleased to be out on it to the Lothians Classic Club meeting on Thursday night, as we turned down the back road towards the meeting place I felt if fluff a little and when I pulled up in the car park it sounded a bit, well a bit fluffy, also with some mild popping back through the carb, a bit like a half hearted fart actually. It got me home but it did seem to be getting worse. Friday I checked it over, the right side plug was black and a check of the plug lead revealed that it appeared not to be fully seated so both leads sorted out and held in place with tie wraps and a new plug, my two mile test (to a nearby roundabout and back) revealed all was well. Fast forward to today (Saturday) I decided to take it to Perth, as I approached the bridge it started misbehaving again, much praying that it would get me over and it did, I stopped at Inverkeithing for a look, it appeared the Left side was not firing all the time, new plug made no difference so off I set again over the bridge keeping the revs over 4000 by slipping the clutch to make sure it didn't conk out, a stressful run home and it expired just as I rolled into the street. I abandoned it and took the Mk3 out (time I actually used it myself) luckily it ran perfectly, met up with my son for a bar lunch, a long time since there has been two Gino Rondelli's on a bike together! and then on my way home a big black raincloud started on me at Glenfarg, just enough to let me feel mother nature cooling my crotch and to dirty the bike. A good run though and glad to say at least one Norton running well today!

The misbehaving 750 with a funky Trident from the same era in front!

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