Thursday, 10 June 2010

Glenfarg, Meeting of the Classic club

So after a particularly terrible start to the week weather wise the rain finally abated for Wednesday evening and resulted in some nice bikes turning up for the Scottish Classic Club meeting. These of course are social events, tyre kicking, picking out faults or good bits on each others bikes, technical advice shared and general good camerarderie, a good way to forget about the big bad world out there!Good to see Dennis Jackson who I haven't spoken to for a while and who follows this blog, hello Dennis! Tom Willison trying as ever to persuade me to get the leathers on and venture out for a "Display lap" at Knockhill, no chance Tom, underneath this quiet classic riding sane enthusiast there's still a 20 year old lunatic hiding in there, just like an Alcoholic can't take just one drink, I feel the same about racing, or maybe I'm just scared, who knows. Excellent coverage on the TT this week (first time I've followed it since I stopped racing there) and some excellent displays of high speed riding on the roads. But remember children, these guys are professionals on a closed road so don't try it at home!!

Dennis's very nice (and I'm told rare) short stroke AJS 500 from 1965 (maybe one day he'll see the light and buy a Norton!)

Off now to the Garage to continue preperations for this years grand European Odyssey, leaving two weeks today!

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