Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Preperation underway

It's always a difficult time, just before a big trip, what to take what to leave behind. I've been travelling for a considerable time now so you would think I had it sorted out by now, taking the Commando though I'm always in a quandry about what to carry. If the worst happened I could phone back to the UK and get parts posted out to wherever I am but that could mean 2 or 3 days kicking my heels instead of getting on with the plan.
The plan, there always has to be a plan, this year its Hull - Zeebrugge (the Rosyth ferry is prohibitive due to costs) then down through the middle of France to the Pyrenees, Barcelona for a day sightseeing and hopefully avoiding being robbed!! Then ferry to Ibiza for a few days and perhaps a chance to get the Norton over to Formentera (anywhere that captivated Bob Dylan for 6 months must be worth a visit if only to try to spark the creative genius that I'm sure is well hidden somewhere within me!) Back then to Barcelona and a visit to Pampolona before meeting up with friends at the International Norton Rally in the Picos de Europa in the North West of Spain.
After the Rally a leisurely run up the Atlantic coast of France before meeting up with my friends in Kortrik and returning back to Hull.
MVD is as prepared as it can be and so now just the final will I won't I game with clothes and tools, not forgetting various cameras, chargers and paperwork. I remember my first trip abroad on the Commando, a couple of T shirts, small camera and a few tools stuffed into a sports bag on the back, nothing else, no breakdown insurance, holiday insurance, mobile phones and very little cash! On that trip I ended up rebuilding the gearbox and replacing the alternator in France, helped by fellow Norton owners who I had met and who I'm still friends with.
All I want now is sunshine and a sweet running bike, not too much to ask, is it?
I picked up a very nice Commando yesterday, a credit to its former owner (Thanks David)It has though a problem with the top end so instead of a book when I'm resting I can go over in my head what the problem will be. Anyhow its not getting looked at till I get back, something to look forward to post holiday I suppose.
I'll keep this blog updated as much as I can but if I have to do it from my Phone all the time I will single handedly boost the operators profits so If there's a day or two missing its because I'm looking for a free interweb connection.
Maybe see some of you in Spain!

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