Thursday, 24 June 2010

P&O ferries.

Well here we are finally on board. I have to say these people need a course in customer care. Now i'm used to shit service on ferries and i'm glad to say p&O excell in this area. First they put the bikes on the top ramp just to make it difficult then they let some cars on first, mainly full of fat people. Then they give you a bit of old rope to tie up your bike to a steel cable which of course stretches and moves then as you struggle to get it tied up sweating in the bowels of the ship the fat car passengers try to squeeze past your bike carrying an incredible amount of luggage. Then the staff don't speak english and because i don't speak fillipino they don't take my complaints seriously. Apart from that mad half hour its been a good day. Oh and the picture is of the combined shower toilet. Very small and not the luxury en suite i'd imagined.

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