Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bloody cyclists!!

So there was I this morning, well dinnertime really, recovering from a whisky frenzy at Fi's mums party last night and trying to enjoy brunch in the excellent cafe in Queensferry when we were invaded by ignorant cyclists. Not only do they make life difficult on the road by thinking they own the road and that because they are "green" they have more rights than everybody else to use the highways but I've just found out that their ignorance extends to ALL things. A middle aged woman with a frightfully posh accent took the menu from my table without asking and never returned it, ignorance and rudeness of the highest order. Then her and her 25 pals (all frightfully posh and up their own arse's) proceeded to disrupt my quiet brunch and invade my nostrils with their smelly armpits and backsides. They were noisy, rude and smelly but they probably think they were well behaved!
I was on the Guzzi and they were parked all around it, i really wished I'd been on the Norton so that I could have repaid them with lots of noise and exhaust fumes. Oh well rant over, now I'm fine again.

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