Monday, 31 May 2010

Heid o the Glen Rally

Well that was a good weekend, except for a moment of madness on Saturday for which I will always be apologising!! Sorry again Ian! A good turnout, not so many classics but a good sidecar turnout, saw a "pod " for the first time, its like a mini caravan towed behing a bike, don't think MVD would stand it though! It stayed dry (but COOL) until Sunday when it rained like hell and blew a wind, almost lost my tent with all my possesions! MVD developed a misfire on Saturday which got so bad on the way home on Sunday we had to stop to investigate, a loose connection at the back of the ignition switch being the culprit! the song "why does it always rain on me" sprang to mind while we were getting soaked! Fixed in just under an hour and fine after that! The joys of motorcycling!
A "pod"

A cluster of Nortons

The big 3!!

Putting MVD back together

Savour the rain!!

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