Thursday, 30 January 2014

Welcome Home

Yesterday was a milestone, I finally got our bikes back, it's taken a while but the discount I got for my troubles was worth it so thanks to David & Julie at James Cargo!
We left Edinburgh at 06.30 , Alex was not only on time but actually beat me to our rendezvous spot, thanks to Alex also for taking me in his van down to Manchester to collect them.
My first impressions were about how dirty they looked, the good part though is its just dirt not the corrosion you get setting in if you leave bikes lying around in a Scottish winter. Today I gave them a good clean (but they'll need several more to get all the dirt off ) checked them over and started them up, after a few turns they both coughed into life. I had to change the battery on Fi's bike as it seems to have died but that wasn't an issue. Now looking forward to getting out on them this weekend at some point and we have a camping weekend next weekend so watch this space!
Great to see it in one piece and with all our gear still attached!

Getting ready to load Fi's bike

Back home at last, dirty but well, now a bit of fettling and they'll be ready for the next adventure!