Saturday, 1 February 2014

Smiling despite the weather

Well this morning arrived without the terrible weather forecast so we ventured out on the BMW's to give them their first run on Scottish roads in over a year. First we had to tax them though, luckily all done on line but at £78 a tad expensive, how come small cars pay little or no tax when our bikes which are more environmentally friendly and less damaging to the roads attract a higher rate? It goes to show that all governments pay lip service to real environmental issues as long as they get re elected and their mates line their pockets, scumbags the whole lot of them, in the past I may have protested by not paying it but since we now live in a quasi police state with cameras reporting our every move back to the ruling elite it isn't worth it.
Anyway I digress, the bikes took a while to start probably because the fuel had gone off but once we filled up with fresh petrol and thrashed them along the bypass they were running fine. It was cold but dry and we made it down to the tea shop on almost dry roads, my heated jacket wasn't unfortunately as I forgot I'd removed the fuse when I was having electrical problems in North Carolina, damn. A fine breakfast, a gallon of tea and short walk along the beach warmed us up enough to brave the rain sleet snow and wind on the way home. A stop at the BMW dealer to order some parts and to thaw out and then home. We both really enjoyed the day and after such a good day I didn't even mind about our earlier donation to the half wits who run this country.

Fed, dry and happy


  1. A ride report! Thank you! I took mine to the dealership today for some recall issues. They are giving me grief. But the snow here is up past our waist. Riding is out for now. So I need more ride reports. Thank you. May the roads be dry and the sun at your back.

    1. Hi Kevin
      I thought Suzuki had sorted out all the issues with that model by now? Still avoiding the snow here so that's good, windy and wet though.
      Sorry to hear about Carols mum , my condolences , I know how she must be feeling