Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back Camping again

One of the great things about getting our bikes back was also getting our camping gear back, after spending so much of last year under canvas we were missing our wee tent. This weekend saw the Capper Rally take place, a really friendly bike rally that's being going on for years. What we missed when we were away was events like this and spending time with our friends, this years event didn't disappoint and we had a great time in great company, we also drank way too much and leaving the bar at 2.30 am meant we were still on site till after dinnertime today. The weather was reasonably kind to us and strong winds and rainy squalls were as bad as it got, much better than the snow we normally camp in at this time of the year! Our new sleeping bags got their first try out and passed the test except for the serious problems I had getting in it, however that was down to the beer/wine/whisky overdose which left my motor functions somewhat lacking.
Ready for the off, we waited for the rain to start first!
Car park was busy enough
Bob the (tent) builder
Another view of our weekend village
Great to see the Dutch and Belgian contingent
Bert's 1928 Indian which of course won the best bike award (soon they wont have room in the garage because of all the awards)
Laurenne and Kate enjoying the evening
Bert & I discussing religion, or was it motorbikes or was it his expanding collection of best bike awards?
A surprise visit from Fiona's sister & Neice, Rosie probably won the youngest rallyist award, in 20 years time I'll drag this photo out to remind her of her early motorcycle life

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