Sunday, 19 January 2014

Engineering marvels, breakdowns and good people

Another Sunday and the weather is holding up at a few degrees above freezing so that's good. A run to the Scottish Moto Guzzi meeting at the Falkirk wheel which funnily enough is in Falkirk! We took the back roads and were enjoying the run, no rain and bits of blue sky to cheer us up. As we approached the wheel (which is a marvel of engineering used to lift boats from one level to another the Norton lost power, I had just fuelled up and did ponder for a moment if the dilithium crystals had run dry, na the engines had it said Scotty my first engineer, oops sorry though I was on a starship there! A quick check revealed one of the wires going to the ignition pick up had broken and worse I had forgotten my trusty swiss army knife. Fiona set off for the nearby garage to see if they had any tools and sticky tape but no, it was a Tesco Extra so fine if you want a microwaveable meal or a loaf of bread but the only accessories stocked for the motorist was air fresheners which we all realise is kind of wasted on a motorbike.
Luckily as I stood guard with the bike watching the Swans in the Forth & Union Canal help appeared in the form of local good guy Stuart who after asking if he could help set off back to his house and re appeared with tools, connectors and sticky tape. Within minutes we were back on the road again, thanks again Stuart for the help and for reaffirming my belief that there are still nice people in the world.
We were late for the Guzzi meeting but who cares, good to catch up with many of the guys we haven't seen for a long time and now looking forward to the Scottish Guzzi Rally in May at Moniave in Dumfrieshire (honest Russell we will bring Guzzi's)
We took the quick way home with the stupid notion that I'd hurry in case the wire broke again, makes no sense, a bit like rushing in case you run out of petrol. As I often say every journey is an adventure, today proves the point!

Norton at rest,
Broken wire
Our saviour Stuart, thanks again
Horses heads perhaps waiting for a bed? These are copies of a new statue by the side of the motorway which are massive and impressive 
The Falkirk wheel, impressive boat lift

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