Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I was checking out some things today on the Internet and came across a site that had pictures taken on the Tail of the Dragon when we were there so obviously I bought them. Sunny days in South Carolina, seems so long ago now! Latest news is the bikes should be in my possession by the end of NEXT week, that will be 3 months, not a good performance!
Beware, teletubbies are out!

Now I see why the bike scrapes so easily on the left, stand almost on the road! Another poor design by Broken Motorcycles Worldwide!  


  1. I still check your web site and still look at it longingly. being here makes me wonder if Scotland is better. In two days we had a 50 degree temperature swing all of below freezing. now we have about 4 inches of snow. I am glad that you have been reunited with bikes. they have to be like old friends. I expect a full first ride report.


  2. Hi Kevin, So far this year we have escaped the snow & ice, I'm sure it'll happen though. Turned colder today and the wind has an Arctic feel to it, camping next weekend at a bike meeting so I'm sure the bad weather isn't far away! Great to have the bikes back, plan a small outing on Saturday!!