Sunday, 5 January 2014

Frostbite run

Today we had the annual Lothians & Borders Frostbite run, the event has suffered sometimes with the weather but today we were lucky the recent storms seem to be keeping the really bad weather at bay. Patches of ice across the roads and frozen puddles in parts but mostly just damp which was great. It was a nice wobble aound the South of Edinburgh with the traditional meet back at the Leadburn Inn for some Stovies and in my case hot tea.
Good to see everybody out and I'm sure i'm right in saying that amongst the Classics Nortons were the best represented (of course)
Ready for the off!
Bob arrives on his "Classic" Honda looking very colour coordinated
Nice Velocette
KTM's came along and we even got a nice wheelie from one
Nice Cafe Racer BSA
Another "talk" stop waiting on the pub getting the dinner ready
George Martin forsook powered transport and came along by bicycle, I can assure you the shades weren't needed to keep the sun out of his eyes!


  1. Nice to see what must be one of the last surviving Triumph Trailblazers (my first and worst bike, 43 years ago)

  2. Hi Jake, I've seen a couple down here, I remember this run about 5 years ago one crashed on the ice. It seemed to be going well enough yesterday