Monday, 1 May 2017

Scottish Guzzi Rally

This year the 25th anniversary was at Thornhill near Stirling again, a great location and a hugely enjoyable weekend in the company of some excellent people. The dancing was good, the bands were good, the food was good but oh my the alcohol although good bit me back and it took three people to get me in the tent on Saturday night I'm ashamed to say, however most people seemed to have witnessed the debacle and it seemed to give them a laugh as they watched me be very ill on the Sunday. Sunday was a very subdued day for me but a great weekend overall. The organisers did a brilliant job and it was good to see Guy from Belgium back this year with his wife to visit the crazy Scots! The pictures tell the story better than I could...........

George from Newcastles V7 in front of the helicopter (It sleeps 6, cool way to spend the weekend)
My T3 and Fi's mount for the weekend the Le Mans
Talking bikes and not that warm yet!
Jake up to no good which resulted in.......
This, then
a variation on a theme
Our happy group on Friday
V1000 convert, automatic Guzzi and a nice example here
Ali arrived on her round barrel special
Heid Bummer Russel's outfit
Guy with his V7
And his wife Kate looking happy with hers
All sorts of tomfoolery
Jake having a "light" refreshment......
All smoke and mirrors
Kate and Heinz looking expectantly for something
Our leader Russel found it warm obviously
Jake's Falcone sporting his new sticker
Martin and assembled throng fixing his Spada (Hope it got home OK Martin)
Throwing shapes obviously.......
Deep discussion
Derek holding his head on??
The girls from the Gulag
Like an old Soviet workers poster
Ali was feeling light headed
Madness on the dance floor
And finally Ronnie accepting a prize for having been at (and organised some of) all 25 Scottish Rallies

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