Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pokhara to Marpha

We left Pokhara at 8.30 and headed out of town, not as crazy as Khathmandu but you still need to keep your wits about you. We headed on a scenic road to Beni for lunch, the few km’s before Beni the road started to break up, an indication of what lay ahead. The road after Beni was unmade, some sections ok but rocks everywhere and some difficult rocky climbs and descents, we did our first proper river crossing without incident thankfully. We finally reached Tatopani and had a night there enjoying a bathe in the hot spring. The next part from Tatopani to Marpha had me a bit worried, the roads were just like a dried up river bed mainly, the Royal Enfields powered through but I’ll need most of my body parts replaced after this (including my digestive system), the suspension front and back isn’t made for these sections , to be honest i’m baffled how they got through some of the stuff but they did. It’s hard to describe the landscape and roads so i’ll let the pictures do that.
Today we are stuck in Marpha as there is no movement allowed due to the elections, not much to do here except wander around. Our enforced stay here today means a big day tomorrow from here to Muktinath then retrace our steps to Tatopani on the same shit roads and now doing double the miles we done yesterday which wasn’t part of the plan so i figure tomorrow will be a 12 hour shift riding these bikes on the equivalent of a dried up river bed.

The group are working well together and our tour leader is a nice guy but i suspect tomorrow will challenge patience. As always pictures tell a better story! 
View from our hotel in Tatopani
Hot spring
Posing for pictures
Tea break
The guys looking for a footrest that snapped off in this river crossing
Teabreak (again)
Yoga break
Yak, yakkety yak don't come back
Lunch (Curry again!!!!)
Fi jumping for joy to reach Mustang
Leaving Tansin
River crossing
Fi through saftely
Fi getting air on the rocks
Open water system
The town
Horse in the house
Fi ringing the bell
Men with goats
men with ox
Men with horses
Posing in front of the mountain
Hills everywhere


  1. Stunning photo's scary roads .Dan

  2. Great photos as usual .enjoy the rest of you're trip and look forward to hearing all about it on you're return .keep safe xx the morans xx

    1. Cheers Sis, we will bore you, get the whisky in!

  3. will a oarder a couple o' Enfields tae meet yis aff the plane when yis get hame?In spite o' fuel pump problem,thae seem tae be gettin' yi there....Scenery an' weather no too shabby...thanks fur great photies

    1. Naw, dinnae bother, Fi is having Enfield nightmares ha ha. Scenery braw and we seem to have managed to avoid the torrential rain, usually starts 5 minutes after we stop for the night!

  4. Wow what a fantastic adventure. The photos are fantastic. I look forward to seeing where you go next,
    Ride safe

    1. Hi Howard, after this Benidorm for two weeks I think..........