Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The ride into Khathmandu

I do intend doing a video of the trip however that'll take a while and since i may have the attention of the good people who look at my drivel I thought i'd post 16 minutes of Footage from the run into the City last Friday. For the full effect watch it next to a sewage works and a bus stop with an old bus spewing fumes and see if you can generate some dust as well.
Now ask yourself "is my commute really that bad?"


  1. Not so far away from the roads around here these days... ;-)

  2. Gino, Fiona congratulations on completing another EPIC trip, we've been away ourselves and unable to respond so just catching up on the blog now.
    We have just watched the video, it should be X-rated.
    Thanks for your amazing efforts in continuing to entertain us.
    Eric and Amy

    1. I trust you were over the pond? Glad you enjoyed, if you could hear the commentary from my side it would be x rated!
      Hopefully catch you soon for mutual abuse and tyre kicking