Sunday, 5 July 2015

Outer Hebrides tour part 1

This year for our summer break we are touring the Scottish Islands, considering the crap weather we've been having it will be an adventure in the true sense of the word. We left yesterday (Saturday) after the heavy rain subsided a bit however despite travelling at sidecar pace (slower than normal) we still caught up with the rain at Callander (the town not the kitchen impliment) Oh how we laughed as we splashed through the puddles, to be honest the road didn't seem that busy and there was a lack of the usual disease of caravans and motorhomes on the road, either they were having a day off or we were too slow to catch up with them, either way we enjoyed the run anyway. After helping a German guy and his wife fix a puncture at Ballahullish we decided to foregoe camping for the night for a myriad of reasons and stayed at the Onich Hotel, reasonable price for a reasonable hotel. Today we only moved to Port Appin, nice but very short run and the showers stayed off untill we got here, all in all a fine start to the trip. A bonus for the slow speed travelling was that I returned an incredible 80.2 mpg from the mighty Norton! I reckon i could soon challenge George Martin to a mpg race and beat his 100 mpg on his Triumph. More updates when the Broadband allows!
Glencoe, dark and broody
Still Dark and Broody
Pretty with a hint of dark and broody
Having helped with the technical part I allowed him to do the dirty bit
Nice Beemer from the same era as my Commando
Castle stalker
Sidecar Stalker

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