Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Outer Hebrides final part

Wednesday night after a day lazing around Poolewe we went to the local ceilidh, earlier I had been given a disapproving look in the shop as I bought a half bottle of whisky to fit in my pocket for the ceilidh , guess who was taking the entrance money at the village hall, yes, the same woman. That didn’t spoil my fun or whisky consumption anyway, a great night and a great band, the lead singer / musician Sandra MacBeth who’s from the area but coincidentally we found out lives above Fiona’s Cousin in Portobello in Edinburgh, is a name to watch, very talented.
A pleasant run to Lochcarron for a stock up and a late breakfast at Kate’s Riverside cafĂ© followed by a visit to Lochcarron weavers, the weather surprisingly warm and pleasant. The run over the Bealach was a challenge for Fiona who was piloting the sidecar, difficult enough without the handful of ignorant arseholes on bicycles and in vehicles not actually suitable for the hill, everybody else has to murder their clutches so that the inconsiderate people can hold everybody else up, that said most users are courteous, a great effort by Fi who kept it together on the way over. Applecross was bathed in sunshine on the Thursday so we sat outside and waited for Alex to arrive, and then we waited some more, just at the point worry was creeping in he arrived with the worst excuse yet for lateness he couldn’t find his boots ! Alex pitched camp then we had a jolly night in the pub, great crack as always and met a couple from Dunkeld who recognised us from a wedding last year, small world again.
The weekend was spent in typical Applecross fashion joined by David and Anne, Liz and Ewan (who arrived at midnight on the Friday, top marks) Bert and Laurenne (in the new Land Rover) Ian, my brother John and  Lesley made up the troupe for the fun weekend. A reasonable run down the road with only torrential rain for the last 20 miles spoiling the fun.
Another great trip, less miles than normal, more wind and rain than normal but it had many special moments, Scotland really is a great place to ride a motorcycle and I suppose if it were warmer the roads would be more congested and the wind and rain kept the midges away. Now I’m lagging behind in the Bealach stakes, I haven’t ridden a sidecar over and Fi’s done it twice!!

River flowing fast
Hoochin and chuchin
At last a sunset
Starting the Bealach
Heavily loaded Royal Enfield (from Germany) at the campsite
Bonny vista
The mountains of sky shrouded in mist
The boys were up for a stag night
Must have been a good story
Descent of the Bealach
There she goes
Very bright waterproofs donned (thankfully)


  1. Was a beezer of a weekend, Applecross exceeded my expectations ......
    More please!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, it never fails to exceed my expectations, always more !


  2. MR what has been the way in Indonesia? here a lot of beautiful nature including the one of which is Mount Bromo.