Sunday, 26 July 2015


So after a week with the nose at the grindstone or in the trough whatever you prefer it was time to catch up on some maintenance. Saturday was spent fitting screens to the Guzzi and to the yellow Norton and changing the postage stamp size screen on the BM outfit to something more barn door like. The screen fitting frenzy took all of Saturday and at times I wished I had 5 arms and hands but its done, main reason for this is the weather, It's been so shit that I'm attempting to get some protection from it, the global warming bullshit has turned Scotland into a even colder and wetter place than normal, and there was me thinking we would have warmer summers as well, I blame it on all these wind turbines, if they build any more in Scotland then there's a good chance the country will take off!! I for one am happy they're stopping subsidy's, a desecration of our landscape and ruination of many fine roads during the construction, I reckon they're turbo-charging the wind and altering the jetstream themselves (I am writing this with tongue firmly in cheek)
Anyhow, a wee run on the Guzzi today showed the screen is first class, a nice cuppa down by the new Forth bridge and then an afternoon twirling spanners again, changing the clutch centre on my Norton in an effort to make it even more unapproachable(Norton Joke) for the run to Belgium next month. Why is it despite having a large stock of consumables the one grommet I need before I start building it up again is not there, oh well a wee job for through the week maybe.
Screen on yellow Norton looks OK I think
Two examples of great engineering (yes the GUzzi is one of them!"
Fiona checking if the stone quay is as comfortable as a T3 seat
Here we go....again
Clutch centre on left showing serious indentations, right is the new one
Ready for the grommet and part 2!


  1. do you ever wonder if you only bought a Suzuki you would ride more and work less. just an idea.

  2. Hi Kevin
    You may have a point, but then I'd spend more on gas...... Hope all is well with you

  3. All is great! I enjoy your blog.
    Thanks keep posting.